2016 Miniature Award  Winner – Best in Show
Carolyn Rockwell


 The 33rd annual National Miniature Art Exhibit is on display through October 30, 2016

Reception – October 9th from 1-4 pm Reception, Awards and Miniature Presentation at the gallery!!

Thanks to our judge Nar Steel ! 2016 Award Winners Announced  !

Oil, Best In Show, Nesting, Carol Rockwell, Oil, $350

Acrylic -1st, Magical Moment, Linda Rossin, Acrylic, $1050

Acrylic -2nd, Summer Cottage, Sue Wall, Acrylic, $260

Acrylic- 3rd, Hot Green, June Grey, Acrylic, $400

Acrylic -HM, Coy Coyote, Mary Ann Evans, Acrylic, $250

Acrylic- HM, Pretty Little Lorikeet, Diana M. Wyles, Acrylic, $350

Acrylic- HM, Tangier Island Cats, William Diggs, Acrylic, $150

Drawing- 1st, Tow Path, Kathleen Pollak, Colored Pencil, $490

Drawing- 2nd, Wet Quintet, Melissa Miller Nece, Colored Pencil, $425

Drawing-HM, Leaning Calla Lily, Nancy Garcia, Colored Pencil, $195

Drawing- HM, The Cruise, Yvonne James, Colored Pencil, $175

Drawing- HM, The Red Barn, Jill Dredge, Colored Pencil, $130

Mixed Media- 1st, Cathedral Roost II, Beverly Fotheringham  $350

Mixed Media-2nd, Rockies, Wilma Lopez, Encaustic, $275

Mixed Media- 3rd, Reflection, Murray Muldofsky  $225

Mixed Media-HM, Early Spring Fisherman, Lenore Lancaster  $25o

Oil- 1st, The Sentinel, Barbara Stanton, Oil, $325

Oil 2nd- Big Catch Along the Shore, Beverly Abbott, Oil, $450

Oil 3rd- Sunset at the Springs, Elaine Hahn, Oil, $495

Oil- HM, Call Waiting, John Meister, Oil, $325

Oil-HM, Double Dutch, Gail MacArgel, Oil, $500

Oil- HM, Lilacs, Myra Carrier, Oi, $350

Oil- HM, Turtle on Log, Nancy Coirier, Oil, $295

Oil- HM, Watchful, Brenda Morgan, Oil, $350

Oil- HM, Goose Creek, Libby Eckert, Oil on Ivorine, $195

Pastel- 1st, Scotney Castle, Pamela Palco, Pastel, $250

Pastel- 2nd, Dawn at Sea, Dan Lednicer, Pastel, $150

Pastel- 3rd, Night Show, Helen Mathyssen-Dobbins, Pastel, $180

Print- 1st, Mason Jar & Onions, Mimi Hegler, Aquatint, $150

Print-2nd, Morning Conversations, Nancy M. Leak, Etching/Watercolor, $145

Print-3rd, Into the Woods, Genevieve Roberts, Etching/Aquatint, $160

Print,-HM, Curiosity, Shirley Tabler, Aquatint Etching, $150

Print- HM, Florence View, Viviane De Kosinsky, Etching/Watercolor, $300

Sculpture- 1st, Mountain Town, Pat Baker, 3D-Jewelry, $850

Sculpture-2nd, Interlude, Ann Ruppert, Sculpture – Alabaster, $300

Sculpture- 3rd, Lady of the Night, Sally Giarratana, Sculpture – Alabaster, $325

Sculpture- HM, Temptation, Melinda Fabian, Sculpture, $525

Watercolor-1st, Mother’s Things, Rachelle Siegrist, Watercolor, $1575

Watercolor-2nd, Itaipu Dam, Brazil, Jacqueline Mitchell Smith, Watercolor, $750

Watercolor- 3rd, Tree II, Bill Jaeger, Watercolor, $250

Watercolor- HM, Blue Lake Vista, Carol Purcell, Gouach, $325

Watercolor-HM, Evening Mood, Millie S. Shott, Watercolor, $150

Watercolor- HM, Housatonic River, Wendy Harris, Watercolor, $120

Watercolor-HM, Sailor Take Warning, John Madden, Watercolor, $225

Watercolor-HM, Seascape II, Bonnie Sybert, Watercolor, $125

Watercolor-HM, Stone Grist Mill, Sherry Jose’, Watercolor, $170


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